Friday, 28 September 2012

little red dress baby

To fit newborn or 0-3 months

You will need :~

Hook size 5.5mm and 4.5mm
3 buttons
Yarn of your choice but I suggest using baby double knitt yarn
                           For this pattern I have decided to use red and white

Stitches used for this pattern

Ch chain stitch
Sc single crochet
Dc double crochet
Slst slip stitch
Bl back loops only
Sk skip a stitch

To start use the white yarn and 5.5mm hook
Ch 38


Dc 4th chain from the hook
Dc in the next 4 ch spaces
Dc,ch1,dc  in the next ch1 space
Dc in the next 4ch spaces
Dc,ch1,dc in the next ch1 space
Dc in the next 12 ch spaces
Dc,ch1,dc in the next ch space
Dc in the next 4 ch spaces
Dc,ch1,dc in the next ch1 space
Dc in the last 6 ch spaces

Fasten off yarn

Attach red yarn with a slst ch 2 and turn
For rows 2-7 rep row 1 but in the BL only you will notice a increase in stitches and corners should start to form

Row 8

Making the arm holes BL only again

Dc up to the first dc,ch1,dc space in that space just dc,ch1 fold the jacket round so the next dc,ch1,dc space dc into that space

Dc along the back of the dress until you reach the next dc,ch1,dc space. Rep above dc,ch1 fold the dress round and dc into the opposite space then continue to the end ch2 turn

         It should now look like a little jacket

Row 9

Dc in each BL ch1 space across ch2 turn

Row 10

Dc through both loops in each ch1 space across when you reach the endx join with a slst and fasten off yarn.

     Attach with white yarn slst ch2 and turn

Row 11-12

Dc in both loops in each ch1 space once row 12 is complete fasten off yarn.

       Attach red yarn with with a slst

Row 13 and use 4.5mm

Ch 2 2dc,ch1,3dc make sure your stitch is direct in the hole not the loops
Ch1 sk next stitch 3dc,ch1,3dc,ch1 sk next stitch rep until the end join with a slst.

Row 14

Slst upto the centre of the next 3dc,ch1,3dc space in the centre 3dc,ch1,3dc,ch1 sc in the next ch1 space ch1 and rep continue to rep till row 25

     At the end of row 25 join with a slst fasten off yarn

Attach white yarn

Row 26

Work 8dc in the centre of each 3dc,ch1,3dc space from previous round sc in the ch1 in-between continue to the end join with a slst fasten off yarn

Front top of dress

In row 8 you attached the front of the dress together in that slst attach the white yarn. Turn your work to the side and work the side closest to you work 1dc in the next 9 holes fasten off yarn

pattern amended on 10/11/12 to make the dress longer and not so bulky at the bottom

         Attach buttons to the section of white that you just did
                               Tie  in any lose ends

                   Hopefully you should have a pretty little dress
                          Pattern created by Zara Khan  1/12/11


  1. very nice can you post video how to do it on you tube
    thanks for sharing

    1. im sorry but i dont have the equiptment or the time to make videos i have 1 yr old twins they keep me too busy hahaha hope sorry took so long to reply i am out of the country at the moment visiting family will retun in oct

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  3. Do you happen to have the pattern for the matching heart bonnet? I couldn't find on your page

  4. row 9 is dc in space including the ch spaces hope this helps :)

  5. I am having a hard time understanding the pattern. Row 1 I understand but then in row 2-7 I know I repeat row 1 but do I repeat it over and over in each row as the stitches increase or do I increase the DC in between the DC, CH 1, DC . If some on could please help me the would be great