Friday, 7 June 2013

gifts for my husbands family i hope they like them :)

hey gang sorry i been AWOL for a while but im off on my jollys and going to meet my husbands family for the first time so been super busy making gifts for everyone im gonna post some pics for you so u can see what i been up to will post the links to the patterns too so if u see anything u like u know where to find it lol

fist gift i made was the happy hippo

i thought what would be the perfect gift for a Muslim family that have everything so i got my thinking cap on and came up with a graph and made this even made the frame for it out of baby play pen old necklace and some glue lol

i though what gifts couls i make for all the girls so been working on some bags i still have 2 left to make though so will have to add them later

this is the crocodile tears purse from the mikeysmail video tutorial on you tube same pattern for top and bottom picture

 i always change the pattern to suit myself so your bag may turn out differnt  to mine some of the patterns i just used for inspiration 

i made a baby blanket for my ikkle baby cousin 

i dont have a pic for that as it was just a basic granny square with fluffy trim and flower motif 

i have a teddy started that i need to finish 2 more bags to make and some prayer caps and like 17 days left to make it wish me luck lol  

just a little update met the hubbys family in pakistan and dubai and they all loved there gifts one aunty loved hers so much she made me teach her how to crochet while i was there felt very proud of my work 


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    1. awww wont be long and you could win one just keep sharing my facebook page with all your friends <3 thanks for you support i always enjoy reading your comments