Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Donation page

We are a Friendly Donation group who knit and crochet for good causes throughout the year, myself (Tanya Latham) and Zara khan are the runners of this page. please feel free to message us with any questions. we would love to see everyone's work so feel free to share your project in our group, in the "file" section you will patterns, addresses where to send donations to and loads of more information on the places we are donating to throughout the year. ♥

we would like to share all the hard work our lovely group of ladies do with the world 

this year we have decided to help as many people as possible and we have set targets we would like to reach within the group below is a list of just a few people we will be helping 

Newham general hospital
preemies uk
Islamic help 
Fountain of peace homeless day center

if you would like to get involved pls stop by our facebook page

or send us a email

or u can call me on 07896487756

below are a few pics of donations we have had so far 

right now we have a raffle going on for a giant handmade teddy so if u would like to buy some tickets all money goes to buying supplies for homeless  stop by the facebook page link at the top of the page 

Homeless project we just completed 

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